Isabelle Gregson is a former international advertising strategist (previous incarnations include chorister and erstwhile peep show dancer). Of French and Spanish descent - she's rumoured to have been conceived in the Spanish Embassy in Paris. Trilingual and educated on the continent at an international school, Isabelle spent her summers in the UK, where she discovered ice lollies, Wimpy's, salt and vinegar crisps and Dr Who. She holds  Masters degrees from Yale University and the University of Essex.
Following her formative years on the Continent, California, New England, and Australia, she spent several years working with large international advertising agencies (JWT, Publicis, Lintas, McCann Erikson) abroad and in London, on everything from Sure deodorants, Cup A Soup and throat lozenges, to McVities’ biscuits and Jaffa Cakes, vitamins, headache pills and antacids. She learned about the science of armpits (only stress sweat smells bad), needstate-based consumer segmentation (some people find mushrooms sinister, whereas tomatoes are a happy fruit), and what teenage boys are interested in. (Sex. No really.)

Having shown a sizeable return on the cost of her studies, and lived up to her parents’ high expectations, she gave it all up (the biscuits were the hardest) to re-train as an actress, at East 15 Acting School in London.

There’s Something in the Fridge that Wants to Kill Me! (Underbelly, Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2008) was her debut one woman show, based on her colourful life to date including her career changes, the whole size 0 debate (or rather the “not size 0”) and her multiple national identities. The show included a tribute to the great Josephine Baker and her signature banana dance, and several songs.

Since then, Isabelle has appeared on TV playing Angela Clarke (a paranoid schizophrenic) in Wire in the Blood, and Lisa Ackroyd (a grieving widow) in Law & Order: UK. She also appeared as Aimee in online comedy Katie & Co (from the BAFTA nominated producers of Kate Modern).

She recently played “The Woman”  in the UK premiere of Desire by award winning Catalan playwright Josep Maria Benet i Jornet,  translated by Sharon G. Feldman,  at the White Bear Theatre in London.

Isabelle most recent TV appearance was as Severine (a French prostitute) playing opposite the brilliant Jim Broadbent in an adaptation of William Boyd’s novel Any Human Heart. The four part series premiered in the UK on Channel 4  in December 2010.

Other current projects include developing a new stage project provisionally entitled The Lusty Lady, on the nature of peepshows and writing her first novel The Shy Exhibitionist.
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