"Dear Isabelle, I thank you for giving life to a character about whom the damn author gives so little information! In your skin, the character becomes deeply disquieting but above all, incredibly seductive. A thousand thank you for your work."

Josep M. Benet i Jornet
Isabelle co-starred in the UK premiere of Desire/Desig by award winning Catalan theatre dramatist and television scriptwriter Josep Maria Benet i Jornet, translated by Sharon G. Feldman.
Directed by Julia Stubbs, co-starring Annabel Cleare, Stephen Connery-Brown and Simon de Deney, in a production designed by Mark Lees, with lighting by Rei Kurosaki and sound by Damian Reynolds.

Josep Maria Benet i Jornet is a theatre and television dramatist and scriptwriter. Born in Barcelona, he is the author of more than 40 works for the stage and has been justly described as the most important Catalan playwright of the last 45 years, and leading contributor to the striking revitalisation of Catalan theatre in the post Franco era. He received the Max Award of Honour for lifetime achievement, at the Spanish equivalent of the Olivier awards in May 2010. More

Sharon G. Feldman has translated a number of plays by prominent Catalan writers and her recent book on Catalan theatre In The Eye of the Storm was awarded a Serra d'Or Critics Prize in Barcelona.
“Isabelle Gregson as ‘The Woman’ in a grey blouse and skirt is startlingly direct. Looking the audience dead in the eye at times, she wears her heart on her sleeve as she blithely lays bare her past loves. Gregson holds her own and expounds on how she never got over her first love, venturing to describe exactly the room in which they made love. She is a mysterious character and acts with unswerving confidence and disarming directness.” James Buxton, Extra Extra!